Wednesday, 8 May 2013

How To Crack a Software By Modifying .dll Files

Have you ever downloaded a software but it was trial? After sometime it had expired, but you still needed it? Well, if you want to activate it without serial key, then you need a crack. Nowadays most of the security information is stored in files called DLL. By modifying the DLL, you can get access to the software without a key. Today you will learn how.
Crack a Software with CrackedDLL

 1) Quit the software you want to crack.

2) Go to the installation folder.(Usually 'C:\Program Files\"name"')
3) Close all the other folders.
4) Launch 'CrackedDLL'(See tips for more info).
5) Once started click 'Scan Open Folder'.
6) CrackedDLL will now display the 'security' DLL.
7) After you see a Green Check Mark click modify selected DLL.
8) Read and Agree to the terms.
9) Wait for the process to finish, once finished a message will be displayed.

10) Relaunch the software you want to crack.
11) The software is now cracked.

Below is the link to the updated tutorial on using Ollydbg... 


  1. can you give us a link to CrackedDLL

  2. This is just a brief tutorial....softwares can actually be cracked by using ollybdg....i'll post the actual post shortly.....

    Thank you..!!!

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  4. Hey bro,
    I get struck from step 4. I dont know how to launch crackedDLL and click scan open folder.Whenever i click crakedDLL i just get the message in some assembly language code.After downloading the crackedDLL where to extract.please help me

  5. Hi Rakish,

    can tell me how to crack the dll file from outloospy please.

  6. how i launch cracked dll

  7. can you tell me the url to download CrackedDLL

  8. plz tell to download crackeddll

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  10. copyed 4m wikihow
    bt if u give every step by picture it will be better...............